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Dieter Bruno, M.D., F.A.C.S.

Dr. Bruno joined our practice in September 2007.  Dr. Bruno was Dr. Threatt's mentor and professor at Duke University in the Department of Urology. Dr. Bruno received his medical school and urologic training at Duke University Medical Center. He has held faculty positions at Duke University Medical Center as well as East Carolina University School of Medicine. While on the faculty at Duke University he won an award for best teacher. His clinical focus has been on male and female incontinence, advanced endoscopic stone manipulation, and advanced laparoscopic/robotic techniques.

He was responsible for beginning the prostate cancer brachytherapy program at East Carolina University School of Medicine in 2003 and the urologic robotic program at East Carolina University School of Medicine in 2002. He is credited with performing the first daVinci urologic robotic surgical procedure (nephrectomy) as well as the second daVinci robotic prostatectomy in the state of North Carolina. Currently Dr Bruno is an educator regarding advanced robotic surgical techniques as well as brachytherapy. He is a certified proctor for Bard Urology (brachytherapy division), as well as Intuitive Surgical Corporation (daVinci robot). He has performed hundreds of robotic prostatectomies and has proctored numerous urologists in robotic techniques in North Carolina as well as California and currently teaches courses for Intuitive Surgical. His repertoire of robotic surgical techniques includes nephrectomy, prostatectomy, pyeloplasty, partial cystectomy, sacrocolpopexy and hysterectomy.

puc-news.jpgHe is currently the Chief of Surgery and medical director of the Robotic and Minimally Invasive Surgical program at CHW Sequoia Hospital.

He is a board certified urologist and a fellow of the American College of Surgeons.

Dr. Bruno has recently appeared on 6 TV segments. Click here to view the health and wellness: access, health and wellness:mens issues, health and wellness: womens issues, womens health interview, the prostate cancer segment or the womens health segment.

Find out more about Dr. Bruno and the robotic program at Sequoia Hospital. Click here to view the latest video.

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See what some of our patients have to say.

"I highly recommend Peninsula Urology and Dr. Bruno. Dr. Bruno is a very skilled surgeon and has a very calming disposition. I was referred to Dr. Bruno by my gynecologist for an emergency procedure, so I had very little time to research his credentials (which it turns out are top-notch). It was a complete 'leap of faith' for me to place myself in his care, yet I could not have been happier with the outcome. He has dramatically improved the quality of my life. Also, his staff was very friendly and knew me by name, which I really appreciated in this day and age.  To this day, I am eternally grateful that I ended up under Dr. Bruno's care. "

S Wilson, Esq.

"No man wants to hear the words; your biopsy indicates that you have prostate cancer.  I spent days on the Internet becoming confused by the wide range of options.  I talked to Dr. Dieter Bruno and other doctors and friends.  Ultimately Dr. Bruno helped my wife and me intelligently consider all alternatives.  In my case the robotic prostatectomy would also correct other problems.  Being an engineer, I was influenced by the appeal of technology and even tested the robot.    But more importantly, I talked to many who had been treated by Dr.  Bruno.  All were extremely pleased and enthusiastic with their care and results.  They had no idea whether he was the best but only that he had performed many successful robotic operations.  What they did know was that Dr. Bruno was sensitive to their concerns and no doctor could care more for his patients continuing wellbeing.  In my case, putting my life in Dr. Bruno's skillful hands, has even improved the quality of my life above where it was before the cancer diagnosis."

David Crockett, Ph.D.
Retired Engineer, CEO, Venture Capitalist

"I was referred to Dr. Bruno by my family physician when my PSA test results began to elevate.  After performing a biopsy it was determined that I indeed did have prostate cancer.  Dr. Bruno was very thorough in explaining my treatment options.  I was fortunate to have detected my cancer early which gave me more options.  Dr. Bruno has vast experience in the new da Vinci Robotic surgery technique and gave me the confidence to choose that direction of treatment.  The procedure is minimally invasive.  I was only in the hospital overnight and back to work in two weeks.  It has been six months since my procedure and I am very pleased with the outcome and Dr. Bruno.  He is straight forward, has a calming professional manner and is very tuned in to his patients.  I highly recommend his services."

David Seacrest

"I was in a state of shock when I learned that I had prostate cancer.  I then did a lot of internet research and found that for my case the options were essentially: surgery, implanting radioactive seeds, and radiation therapy.   I found that surgery is considered the  “gold standard” for treatment, but was also highly invasive and could possibly have more complicated side effects than other treatments methods.  However, I was heartened to learn about a new less invasive surgical procedure called the Da Vinci robotic procedure that promised less trauma, less pain, and a quicker recovery.   Because the procedure was fairly new, I needed to find a doctor who not only knew the procedure, but also who had literally done hundreds of such procedures.  I didn’t want anyone practicing on me.  That is how I came to find Dr. Bruno.   My experience with the robotic procedure was that I was in surgery early Friday morning and was discharged from the hospital the next day on Saturday at 11 am.  Although I was given pain medication, I only took Tylenol for the pain.  For me the experience was as reported by various people on the internet.  Moreover, I found Dr. Bruno to be a very compassionate doctor with a wonderful bedside manner – always willing to listen." 

Peter Wong, Esq.

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